This is when Apple might unveil the iPhone 13 series

The iPhone 13 release date is getting closer, with Apple widely expected to unveil the new handset series next month. Apple warned investors and customers last year that the iPhone 12 launch event would be delayed. But that didn’t happen this year. Moreover, numerous reports from Apple’s supply chain indicated the company has been taking significant steps to ensure key iPhone 13 components arrive on time.

Apple is yet to announce the iPhone 13 virtual press conference, but a new leak from China might gave us all the iPhone 13 release date we’re waiting for. A different report seems to corroborate the launch information, offering the potential iPhone 13 announcement date.

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iPhone 13 release date leaked

Chinese blog ITHome claimed earlier this week that the iPhone 13 series will be available for preorder on Friday, September 17th. That’s according to a screenshot from a local e-commerce app. The same site says the AirPods 3 should go on sale on September 30th on the same retail platform.

The iPhone 13 date isn’t surprising, considering Apple’s iPhone launch playbook. The company usually unveils the newest iPhone on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The phones go on preorder on the first Friday after the announcement. The release date follows seven days later when the handsets ship to buyers and launch in stores.

If that September 17th preorder date is accurate, the iPhone 13’s release date will be September 24th. Apple might unveil the iPhone 13 series on September 14th or September 15th.

While the iPhone 13 preorder and release dates in the leak concern the Chinese market, the new iPhone models launch simultaneously in various countries. China will probably be included in the initial iPhone 13 launch wave. North America, most European Union countries, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand also get the new iPhone in that first wave. This is only speculation when it comes to the iPhone 13 launch, however.

Finally, the leaked dates are in line with recent estimates from Wedbush analysts.

When will Apple announce the iPhone 13 event?

According to FrontPageTech’s sources, the ITHome iPhone 13 preorder date is accurate. The blog also notes that its sources have confirmed the September 24th release date.

FrontPageTech estimates that Apple will send out press invites for the iPhone 13 keynote on September 7th, precisely a week before the September 14th launch event.

The iPhone 13 event will be of the virtual variety, meaning that Apple and the media do not have to worry about the logistics involved in planning an in-person press conference. Apple can announce the iPhone 13 event at its leisure. The keynote will be streamed online, just like last year.

As for the AirPods 3, there’s no telling when Apple will unveil the new wireless earphones. It would make sense to see the AirPods 3 introduced alongside the iPhone 13. But that doesn’t mean the two devices will hit preorders simultaneously. If the leak above is accurate, the AirPods 3 might only hit preorders on September 30th. The new earphones will then ship to buyers a week later.

Other rumors claimed Apple might hold more than a press event in September, which would be an unusual approach for Apple.

As always, with leaks, there’s no telling whether the iPhone 13 release date, preorder date, and launch event date estimates above are accurate. MacRumors notes that ITHome offered accurate Apple information in the past. Separately, FrontPageTech’s Jon Prosser delivered plenty of correct Apple rumors in the past few years.