May 23, 2022


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What is the mindset of a trader?

What is the mindset of a trader?

Those who trade should follow some basic mindset that will be mentioned here. If you start stocks trading with funds that you cannot afford to lose, then you will be under a lot of pressure. This mental pressure forces traders to make radical decisions. While a positive decision can bring you great rewards, consider the long-term consequences. When retailers adopt proactive strategies, blasting commercial accounts is very common. Therefore, always trade-in funds that you do not need to rely on. In the same day transaction, the loss relates to the depreciation of the financial instrument’s assets. 

Losses occur when a person takes risks. Risk is defined as the deviation from the expected return. Another related term is “reward”, which is the reward received after taking a risk. The risk may result in a loss of reward for one of these results. But the risk may include the possibility of losing the stock market. In intraday trading, this loss can be due to various reasons, such as lack of an appropriate trading plan, lack of stop-loss, excessive trading, etc. However, you can avoid stock market losses by following the recommendations below.

Analyze your personality and take risk according to that

Every trader has a different mentality. Based on your mentality, you need to determine your level of risk tolerance. If you think you can easily lose 2% of your account balance, don’t risk it again. Conversely, some people may think that taking a 2% risk is too high and compensating for the loss is much more difficult. It is reasonable for them to assume less than 1% risk. To analyze your personality and understand your tolerance for risk. For me, the best strategy is to buy stocks based on news and value and wait for a good return in a short time. 

I can wait for a good return for a few weeks. If shares go down, I love to put reserve cash to average. Moreover, identifying break out points, break down points and simple moving averages will also make you a good trader in the short term. If you are the best trader in the opposite direction of the trend, then you will most likely lose the domestic day. In this case, always follow the market trend. If you buy stocks on a decline and sell them when the market trend is still increasing, your losses will increase. Hence, following the market trend is necessary, even if you have made good research on a single company. Avoid holding selling positions if you are a beginner in trading. You can check more information at before investing.