7 Reasons To Use Remote Backup and Recovery Services For Your Business

7 Reasons To Use Remote Backup and Recovery Services For Your Business

A little while ago, a small business owner reached out to me seeking assistance with a backup and recovery issue. The problem was that her laptop computer crashed, and she needed to retrieve her files. Although she lost the files on her hard drive, she was savvy enough to keep an extra copy of them saved on her usb thumb drive. After finding this out I thought to myself -this process should go very smoothly. Well…Things did not go smoothly at all.

The problem I ran into was that the software that she used to back up her files on her laptop before it crashed did not give me access to a very important feature: the option to restore her files that were saved at an earlier day and time. Because of this, I was not able to recover all of the files she needed to gain access to.

After this incident, I highly recommended that she should consider using a remote backup and recovery service-to ensure that she will have access to her files in the event of a future disaster.

While backing up your files on-site is a must to minimize the risk of loss, having an off-site copy of your files is equally important. Remote backup services can be used for both. This way, when disaster strikes, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that your data is stored off-site and is easily accessible to you when you need it.

Here are 7 Reasons You Should Use Remote Backup and Recovery Services for your Business:

Reason #1 You can access your files and data “Anytime, Anywhere” 24/7 via a computer with an Internet Connection

Reason #2 Remote Backup and Recovery services do not require the purchase of hardware- nor do they require software installations and onto your computer to work

Reason #3 Remote Backup Solutions are very inexpensive and cost as little as $5.00 a month

Reason #4 With Remote Backup and Recovery services, business owners experience less downtime and loss of productivity in the event of a hardware failure or virus other disaster on site.

Reason #5 Your data and other information is stored in a different location than your original data

Reason #6 Remote Backup and Recovery services work with a variety of hardware-including Computers, Laptops, and Servers

Reason #7 Remote Backup Services use 128-448 bit Security Encryption to Encrypt and Protect your data

It is very important for businesses to have a data backup and recovery system in place to protect their information. Remote data backup services can be used as a primary source for data storage or a secondary source for off-site data storage.

If you are a small business owner looking for an affordable-24/7 accessible backup solution, I would highly recommend implementing a remote backup service for your business.

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