Best Local SEO Tips to Boost a Local Business According to Everest Business Funding

Local business owners understand the importance of grabbing the attention of customers and clients to keep operations afloat. An online presence is essential for attracting and retaining new and existing consumers in today’s world. Organizations such as Everest Business Funding are here to help local business owners maximize their online effectiveness and boost business through successful SEO strategies with these tips: 

Tip #1: Start Using Google My Business

Google My Business is a handy tool for businesses and one of the simplest ways to gain clientele. A company that claims its Google My Business profile will appear as a business listing when people enter local searches into a search engine such as Google. When creating a profile, businesses must provide a physical address and cannot use a P.O. box.  

Tip #2: Elevate Local Rankings with Keywords

Local SEO optimization is vital as 46% of all Google searches are focused around seeking local information. Business owners do not want to miss the opportunity to be overlooked by not appearing on local search results. The use of keywords can play a significant role in clearly connecting an organization to its local place of business. Adding local keywords to title tags can assist in retaining top search result spots.  

Tip #3: Budget for Locally Targeted Ads

Local businesses operating under tight marketing budgets should focus on purchasing locally targeted ads. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer excellent customized ads to focus on a specific targeted audience from filter options such as geographical regions. Offline stores benefit greatly from locally targeted ads due to a lack of need to provide services or products to any further clients other than those who walk through their doors.  

Tip #4: Host and Publish Events 

Keeping an organization part of the local conversation draws consistent attention and eyes to the business. Local businesses can scale visibility within their community by hosting public events and then publishing press releases and social media posts about what is taking place. Online publications can contribute to generating backlinks to heighten SEO optimization.   

Tip #5: Optimize Business Website

One primary way that a business owner can optimize a business website is to be sure a website is created with mobile viewers in mind. The use of smartphones allows more people to take advantage of searching for nearby businesses on the go. Hence, a mobile-friendly website as aesthetically pleasing as one viewed from a laptop or desktop screen is most proactive for attracting business. In addition, 80% of local searches done via mobile phone turn into sales.  

Tip #6: Post Consistently on Social Media

Using social media to post consistent updates about a local business is cost-effective marketing that optimizes a business’s online presence, part of the local SEO process. Be sure to create content that aims more at local events and local audiences.  

Tip #7: Add a Location Page to the Business Website

When optimizing a business website, adding a Google Map to the website and a location page creates further clarity for customers attempting to locate a business. Location pages can also provide essential business information such as an address, phone number, parking arrangements, or store hours.  

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