BTS’ V once left Park Seo-joon in splits by asking Choi Woo-shik to return his kimchi box, watch video

BTS’ V once left Park Seo-joon in splits by asking Choi Woo-shik to return his kimchi box, watch video

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BTS member V (also known as Kim Tae-hyung), Itaewon Class actor Park Seo-joon and Parasite star Choi Woo-shik are a part of a friend group called Wooga Squad. The group also comprises actor Park Hyung-sik and musician Peakboy. Over the years, fans have played witness to their growing friendship. However, in 2020, fans learned how truly close the group is.

Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-shik appeared on the Korean variety show, Summer Vacation last year, with Jung Yu-mi in tow. During the episode, Park Seo-joon decided to video call Tae-hyung and surprise him. As translated by Soompi, the two stars greeted each other before Tae-hyung informed him that he was contemplating what he should eat. “At this hour?” Park Seo-joon asked but was soon distracted by Choi Woo-shik, who was strumming the ukulele.

“Hold on, I have a guest singer here,” Park Seo-joon informed him before he turned the camera and revealed that their friend was in a hilariously musical mood at the time. “He says he can play the ukulele a bit,” the actor informed while Choi Woo-shik continued to play the same song over and over. The moment left everyone in the room in splits. “This is all he knows,” said Park Seo-joon.

“Wow, you got a real pop singer there!” V joked. During their hilarious moment, V said he wished his parents saw Choi Woo-shik in his elements. “I need to greet your parents,” the Parasite star said before Tae-hyung announced, “Bring the kimchi (a Korean dish featuring salted and fermented vegetables) container.” The request left both the actors in the room in splits before Choi Woo-shik requested him to stop, assuring him that he shall return the box.

After their fun mini-reunion ended, Choi Woo-shik explained, “One thing that’s really commendable about V is that if his mother makes him sandwiches, he brings one for me. But he put one in a kimchi container. I thought that he was giving me the kimchi container, so I put my mom’s kimchi in there. But then he told me to give him back the kimchi container.”

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Fans have been waiting for the group to come together for a picture since Park Hyung-sik completed his compulsory military training. Although they haven’t given a photo-proof of their reunion, the friends have time and again shown that they have each other’s support.

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