Deliver Efficient Services in your Café with a Digital Menu Software

coffee shop menu qr code

Millennials are the primary consumers of coffee drinks in coffee shops, whether brewed, hot, or iced. These customers place higher importance on their dining experience while also sipping a delicious cup of coffee.

Rather than brewing homemade coffee, many customers drink café cappuccinos, lattes, and the like as part of their daily routine.

Your coffee shop business can leverage your services using technology. Today’s technological advancements, such as digital restaurant menu QR code software or kiosks, enable you to kickstart your business day with the persistence and consistency of providing better customer service.

Allow your coffee shop to deliver efficient services using a menu QR code in presenting menu items in your café. You may use your attractive cup of a brewed coffee image as a poster to modify your menu QR code table tent.

This allows you to attract the attention of your coffee-loving customers and entice their appetites with coffee-themed menu QR codes.

Aside from menu QR codes, here are other features of digital menu software.

  1. Craft a digital menu

Create a digital menu for your coffee business with a list of menu items. With the standard Frappuccino, Non-Caffeine Drinks, Caffeine Beverages, Teas, and Desserts, you can create various categories using these classifications.

In each menu category, you can include multiple beverages and desserts, modifiers, and add-ons like whipped cream.

You can briefly describe each beverage and dessert you serve in your café. It also allows you to add photos to every item.

Finally, a digital menu enables you to accept cashless payments from customers via Stripe, PayPal, or cash (if needed).

  1. Expand your customer reach

Set up a website, create social media accounts, and use email marketing to reach out to regulars to help you expand your café’s customer base.

A custom-built website comes standard with digital menu software, which you can customize to match your style and branding. You can also use the website to highlight specific menu items as a tip to potential caffeine seekers.

Widen your customer base by connecting your café to social media profiles. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts to creatively promote your business and menu items to your target market.

Through an email campaign, your café can reach out to frequent customers and provide discount vouchers, new menu items, and other promotions.

  1. Employ admins and users

Hire employees and staffs to assist you in running your café. These employees can be added as admins or users to your digital menu software, giving them access to the dashboard and its various capabilities.

Only assigned users to have access to the order dashboard, which they can use to track and fulfill orders. Admins can change the menu and update the day’s available beverages and desserts.

  1. Take advantage of the built-in tipping feature

Using the tipping feature of the digital menu software, it will help you earn more income. Your clients can select a particular tip percentage or enter an exact amount in the box supplied by the tipping tool.


Allow your café to serve a range of caffeine-seeking customers looking for a better dining experience while simultaneously sipping a cup of coffee.

Use digital menu software to help you improve your café operations and reach out to new customers through various means.