Fans in happy tears after Seo In-guk returns as Saram, chemistry with Park Bo-young off the charts

Doom at Your Service episode 15 is finally out. With each episode, the show has only aged wiser. In the latest episode, viewers learn about the art of moving on despite grieving an inexplicable loss.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Dong-kyung’s (Park Bo-young) loss remains irreversible. It just means that audiences get a chance to experience what it is like to take a step forward in life without someone they love dearly through Doom at Your Service episode 15.

Dong-kyung builds up the courage to step forward in life and even goes as far as to accept Joo-ik’s offer to work with him in his start-up. She marks all the good days she had spent on her calendar.

Is Dong-kyung really doing well without Myulmang in Doom at Your Service episode 15?

However, at the end of the day, when she is alone in her room, Dong-kyung remembers Myulmang. It is not a moment of nostalgia but a deep sense of loss that she experiences every time she thinks of him. She tells everyone around that her boyfriend is away in the US as she continues to wait for him.

She gifts herself flowers in Doom at Your Service episode 15 to remind herself of what it felt like when Myulmang gave it to her. She visits his home, spots his phone and sees the message that he had not sent her but left it in drafts. It is this message that breaks her heart further because in it he asks, “Are you happy?”

Despite all of this, she continues to put on a smile in Doom at Your Service episode 15. On some days it is genuine, and on some days it is forced. However, what remains constant in her life is the memory of her boyfriend.

How does Seo In-guk return as a human in Doom at Your Service episode 15?

She looks at his picture on tough days to feel better, while on good days, she remembers him with a smile. So when she sees him appear unexpectedly, and not just in her dreams this time, she is of course in tears.

Sonyeoshin (Jung Ji-so) had always worshiped Myulmang and Dong-kyung and hoped that the two of them would end up together. So when Myulmang decided to sacrifice himself, it took root as a life by itself in Doom at Your Service episode 15.

It is this life that he begins to live as he has shed his role as a butterfly in Sonyeoshin’s garden to become a plant. In other words, he is no longer Doom, but a human. He has returned to Dong-kyung as a human, and if there are no more twists in the finale, he will stay by her.

At the end of the episode, here is what the fans have to say about this new development.