How SEO Expert Douglas James is Transforming Businesses

How SEO Expert Douglas James is Transforming Businesses

The best thing about the internet is instant access to just about any information you need.

Wendy Piersall once said, “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” The internet has so many items. Your goal as a business is to create SEO-ranking content that will help drive traffic and outperform your competitors.

As a highly successful entrepreneur, Douglas James has seen over and over how fellow business owners have unique ideas and they deserve to succeed. Still, the problem is how they implement their ideas. He is known for his passion for empowering fellow entrepreneurs by training them to turbo-charge their earning potential. Over the years, he has trained over 2,000 entrepreneurs and has helped transform thousands of businesses by increasing their sales through his unique digital marketing strategies.

According to Douglas, the secret to longevity in business depends on customer service. Good customer service separates you from the rest in this competitive industry. Douglas notes that how you treat your clients determines your business growth and reputation. One notable thing about his business is how well he treats his clients. By just scrolling through his website, you can see all the testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers.

Clients shape the growth curve of your business. Douglas says the major challenge with small businesses and start-ups is their lack of skills and knowledge in enrolling powerful customers. Commonly known as the “The High-Ticket Client Guy,” Douglas works toward helping other entrepreneurs on ways to attract the right clients and build long-term relations with them. The first secret to landing these clients is self-belief and confidence. Douglas stresses the importance of believing you are worth the money, and this is determined by the level of uniqueness in your work.

Together with his team, Douglas is leveraging digital marketing. Advancements in technology have made apps such as Facebook and YouTube accessible to almost everyone. Most people spend a lot of their time on these platforms, making them the ideal ones to see advertising. Douglas has so far helped many of his clients increase their sales and revenue through Facebook and YouTube ads. Not everyone is cut out to do digital marketing; it requires experience and skills just like any other career. He adds that together with his team they prioritise creating quality and authentic content that will naturally drive traffic. In advertisements, the secret lies in creating attention-grabbing ads. Facebook and YouTube advertisements help your business gain exposure and also drive traffic to your website.

As an entrepreneur, Douglas says it’s okay to stumble along the way but hold on to the lessons. Often when you start a business, you expect to succeed instantly. It has taken Douglas years of hard work and persistence to be where he is. Having been in the industry for quite some time has helped him develop a thick skin and realise that everyone learns by making mistakes. His advice to small businesses and young entrepreneurs is to come up with unique sales and marketing strategies that will help them skyrocket their business once they land high-ticket clients.

Even with his outstanding success, his work ethic has not changed. His goal is to continue transforming businesses by training and coaching entrepreneurs on various survival tactics.