How to find my reviews on Amazon 

Amazon Reviews: How to Write, Find, Edit, or Delete Them

It is important to see the reviews on Amazon. As an amazon seller, it is important to know what their customer think about the products. Amazon reviews are a key source of business intelligence and product that informs you which work well or which need to make improvements. 

Before making look at Amazon reviews, you should know where to find their reviews. In this article, we are going to tell you how to find my reviews on Amazon

How to see my Amazon Reviews 

Here we are going to tell you three methods for Amazon sellers to see their reviews on Amazon. They can use any of the given below method to manage Amazon reviews. 

  1. Manually check product pages. 

The basic method to find reviews on Amazon is to visit the product on the detailed question product page and check the written reviews and ratings available on it. You can also filter the reviews by Amazon read reviews option. This feature helps you to narrow down the reviews on certain topics. 

This method works well if you only sell some items. But this method does not work well if you want to see the reviews of multiple products. 

  1. Use the customer reviews feature on Amazon.

Amazon seller central platform offers you a view to see reviews, but you can also own your brand and enrol in a registry program. But every seller not has access to this option. 

If you are Amazon brand registered seller and want to make access to this exclusive feature, here is how you can find it

  • Move to the brand menu section in Amazon seller central. If you do not see this menu, it means you are not a brand-registered seller or are not identified as a seller. 
  • Then, go to the brand dashboard. The brand dashboard is a central hub where you can find specialized services and tools to grow and optimize your business. 
  • Now, make look at the customer reviews feature under the section of brand benefits. It allows you to see product reviews get in the past 30 days. Your reviews will show within 24 hours of when they are posted by buyers and retained for 30 days. 

You can do the various activities on this page as follows as

  • Filter the Amazon reviews by time and star ratings
  • Use the search option to find the specific reviews on Amazon
  • Report the abusive reviews to Amazon
  • Highlights the review to remove it from the default view
  1. Monitoring the reviews by third-party software 

The final method to see Amazon reviews by monitoring through third-party software. You need to simply determine the ASIN that you want to track, and the toll will start automatically pulling in reviews for every item that you see in the central location.


You can use the Amazon review checker to identify fake reviews. Moreover, if you want to see your reviews on Amazon, you can use any of the above-listed methods.

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