September 29, 2022


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Meet SEO Specialist Rachel Kennedy

Rachel Kennedy was born in New Carrollton, Maryland, USA. She began a travel blog in 2008, moved to Europe in 2011 and began attracting a lot of attention from tourism boards and hotels who got into business collaborations with her due to the amazing traffic her blog was generating at the time. She was also able to land partnerships with The PGA Tour, American Express, Stetson, The Scout Guide, Bvlgari, Hilton, Best Western, Sephora and more.

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She discovered SEO and how it works from setting up blogs for friends and local businesses, and graduated to taking paid clients for SEO and website creation jobs. In 2015, she moved back to the US and a couple of years later, quit her full-time corporate job as a marketing manager for a luxury car group in Nashville to pursue building her own company with the sole aim of supporting female entrepreneurs to easily connect to their potential clients through syncing their content, products and websites to the Google algorithm. This she accomplished this through creating a full service SEO agency specifically designed to assist female entrepreneurs create an online presence and she accomplishes this through SEO courses, trainings, 1:1 coaching and digital content on all social media platforms.

Rachel believes in women and works hard everyday to support women owned businesses. She uses SEO to achieve visible growth and success in her business and her clients’ businesses too. She says “Google speaks a certain language — SEO is Google’s “love language” — and if you can learn to translate your content into SEO, then you have an absolutely unlimited ability to communicate with your ideal client online.

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Rachel has worked with over 100 clients since 2013 and says that aside from the untold amount of people that have contributed to her success, books like “The Secret” and “The One Thing” have guided her immensely in her journey towards being a success story.

Rachel says she believes that she has single handedly been her biggest obstacle in the growth of her professional life. She’s a firm believer that we hold our own future in our hands and are therefore responsible for their own successes or failures. Therefore, she strives to always hold herself accountable for every decision she makes that affects her personal life and her business and not someone else.