New Era of Computer Forensics

New Era of Computer Forensics

This new branch of digital forensic deals with computer crime and computer supported criminal activities. There are many computer crime investigations conducted during the previous years, out of which the most successful investigation was held on august 26, 2004 by WEB-SNARE. There are about 150 successful investigators working for WEB-SNARE. This success was the pioneer for Computer Forensics.

Computer crimes are giving a larger amount of negative impact to the society. It is one of the largest growing professions in this century. The progress in the computer security fields improves the Forensics. Data security is the most prominent feature to be ensured in all software institution.

A good computer forensic investigator should have updated knowledge in the field of computer and technology. The national security even can be leaked out by the hackers. Therefore the importance of cyber crime punishment and computer forensic is gaining greater importance. Multinational software companies may hire a forensic investigator to assure the privacy of their projects. This will increase the demand for a forensic investigator. This is also becoming a new career in the field of law enforcement and government intelligence. Another advantage of this job is that it is never outsourced from one country. Due to security reasons the details of the Cyber crime will not be outsourced. This will increase the demand of forensics investigators. There will be opportunities for forensics investigators in police department, FBI and also CIA. The digital evidences will be considered as the primary source of proof when it comes to a cyber crime.

The common certifications in the field of Computer Forensics are:

*GCFA- GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst certification.It is provided by the Global Information Assurance Certification organization.

*CCFE – Certified Computer Forensics Examiner.It is provided by the IACRB.

*CFCE-Certified Forensic Computer Examiner.It is provided by IACI.

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