NYC Law Firm Web Design Agency Receives Another Great Customer Review – Press Release

New York, NY – BSP Legal Marketing, a highly rated NYC law firm web design agency, continues to add on to their winning record and reputation with another positive client review.

John Steven of Tribeca, NY says:

“After working for many years with a large internet marketing company, we came to realize that we were simply not getting the type of service we needed. Our team approached BSP legal marketing because we hoped to get individual attention and better end results. We were certainly not disappointed. We went from being almost unseen online to number 1 on google for very desirable terms. The telephone calls started coming in almost immediately. My only regret is not doing this at an earlier date. Call BSP and ask to talk with Viktoria – you will not be disappointed.”

Located in New York and serving law firms in the United States and Canada, the NYC law firm web design agency has been successful in guiding the agency’s clients through creating a modern and unique marketing strategy for their law firms. Focused primarily on working with small firms, the agency prides itself on delivering high value on a tight budget. The agency focuses on creating a website that converts, with a special emphasis on cutting edge search engine optimization techniques (SEO) with the stated goal of helping attorneys grow their practice quickly.

Regarding helping lawyers market their firms in 2021, lead SEO Viktoria Altman said:

“Other than word of mouth referrals, google is the second-best way to grow a law firm quickly in the new millennium. However, getting to the top of google search requires expertise and know-how, not to mention constant improvement. After all, Google is the most sophisticated artificial intelligence that has ever existed. Google evolves every single day. The only way to get to, and stay at the top is by hiring an agency that both specializes in serving your niche, and also focuses on experimentation and growth. Without running multiple SEO experiments agency strategy can quickly become outdated, and their clients can suffer.”

Running a practice in New York City can be very competitive, with multiple attorneys competing for the same client, often in the same building. In addition, many attorneys are also dealing with tight advertising budgets, as large expenses are rarely possible for smaller firms.

Viktoria Altman goes on to explain:

“I am a small business owner myself. I understand the value of a dollar. If a client comes to me, I always assume they are on a tight budget and we have to overdeliver for every dollar spent. We are far from the cheapest agency – but I have very good reason to believe we offer the best value. Our job from day one is to get you the right kind of calls. We focus on deliverables, and as your firm grows we can always look at more esoteric things – like name recognition, or a more sleep website later. Nothing makes me happier when a client tells me they are opening a new location, or hiring an associate – for us, this is the ultimate measure of success.”

BSP legal marketing and Viktoria Altmantry to serve all their clients in a manner that exceeds those of other marketing agencies. The SEO agency prides itself on its commitment to its clients, a thoughtful and caring approach to serving their clients and delivering the most value possible.

To learn more about BSP Legal Marketing and their innovative approach to web design and legal SEO, visit the agency’s firm.


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