Seo Hyun Jin Is A Successful Lawyer Breaking The Glass Ceiling In Upcoming Drama “Why Her?”

SBS’s upcoming drama “Why Her?” (previously also known as “Why Oh Soo Jae?”) shared new stills of Seo Hyun Jin!

“Why Her?” is a mystery romance drama starring Seo Hyun Jin as Oh Soo Jae, a coldhearted lawyer who has grown empty after only chasing success, and Hwang In Yeop as law student Gong Chan who will do anything to protect her. The drama also stars Heo Joon HoBae In HyukKim Chang WanLee Kyung YoungBae Hae Sun, and more.

Seo Hyun Jin’s character Oh Soo Jae is someone who becomes more cynical after overcoming her regrets. She is the youngest partner at the leading TK Law Firm and an ace everyone acknowledges. She is a cold character who races towards perfect success, and she’s equipped with a flaming desire to win and fearless self-righteousness that makes her opponents kneel before her.

The newly released stills portray Oh Soo Jae dominating the atmosphere with her charisma. She wears an easy smile while facing the opponent’s lawyer. As a success-oriented person, she exudes great self-confidence and has firm resolve. Outside the courtroom, Oh Soo Jae is no different, breaking the glass ceiling while competing with the lawyers at TK Law Firm. Her sharp gaze and composure hint at the fierce competition she faced on her way up to her current position.

Seo Hyun Jin Is A Successful Lawyer Breaking The Glass Ceiling In Upcoming Drama “Why Her?”

Seo Hyun Jin chose her chameleon-like character as one of the reasons for starring in “Why Her?” The actress shared, “Oh Soo Jae is straightforward, and she is an independent woman who doesn’t try to lean on others. It is also interesting that she’s a figure standing between good and evil as she does whatever it takes to achieve what she wants.” She continued, “She is very sensitive, and in order to portray a woman surviving in a male-dominated field, I used the feeling of shutting oneself in to set the outfit, hair, and makeup concept.”

“Why Her?” will premiere on June 3 at 10 p.m. KST.

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