Seo In Guk talks about his unconventional beauty; Says he has a ‘weird face’

The ‘Doom At Your Service’ star who has many fans’ hearts melting, thinks the complete opposite of his visuals! Read on to know more.

Seo In Guk during Shopping King Louie press conference

Seo In Guk at the press conference of his drama, Shopping King Louie in 2016. (Pic Credits: News1)

When it comes to beauty, it surely is subjective. As the famous quote goes, beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder, and that is just one of the reasons why fans have unparalleled love for their idols. But, it’s not uncommon to find actors who think they don’t look as good as fans think them to be. In that list, Seo In Guk is now added too. He first entered the entertainment industry as a singer and soon became an actor. His breakthrough drama was the hit ‘Reply 1997’. 


At the press conference of the upcoming heist movie, ‘Pipeline’, Seo In Guk was among the cast members attending the event. While they talked about many things, one thing that caught people’s attention is when the actor talked about his opinions when it comes to his looks. The film’s director Yoo Ha, has earlier talked about why he chose to cast Seo In Guk. He had said, “Seo In Guk isn’t conventionally attractive but he sure is attractive. I was fascinated at first sight.”


When the reporters asked the actor about his thoughts on Director Yoo Ha’s comments, he proceeded to say that he wasn’t really surprised by it. He then put his thoughts into words and said, “I personally think I have a weird face. Sometimes I look handsome, and sometimes I look ugly. I think the director thought highly of this strange visual of mine. He also said that my eyes and aura attract people. I was really thankful for his compliment.”


‘Pipeline’ is a movie revolving around a heist planned by six thieves, who risk it all to steal oil and change their lives. It stars Seo In Guk, Lee Soo Hyuk, Eum Moon Suk and others. Seo In Guk plays the character of Pindol, the best drilling technician in the whole of South Korea. 


Meanwhile, the actor is currently seen in the fantasy drama ‘Doom At Your Service’, opposite Park Bo Young and is definitely charming many people with his looks! 



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