Seo In Guk’s ‘Distant Fate’: Lyrics and how to live stream ‘Doom At Your Service’ OST

Seo In Guk, the fatally charming Myul Mang of ‘Doom At Your Service’, is inviting viewers to take a look at his ‘cold’ world with the new OST ‘Distant Fate’. Seo In Guk, known for his charming vocals, has also participated in the songwriting and composing lyrics of the beautiful track that portrays Myul Mang’s feelings for Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young).

‘Doom At Your Service’ is inching toward the end on the tides of ever-rising popularity. The chemistry between Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk, the storytelling and a star-studded lineup of singers who have contributed to the OSTs including Ailee, TXT, Baekhyun, Davichi, Gummy and Seo In Guk have led the K-drama to its peak of success.

Seo In Guk’s ‘Distant Fate’ marks the end of the OST series as viewers try to predict if the ominous signs of various OSTs foreshadow the eternal longing of the lead pair as they head towards a possible ‘heartbreaking’ ending.


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The lyrics of the new OST of ‘Doom At Your Service’ has moved the fans as they can now take a deeper look at how Myul Mang aka Doom felt for Tak Dong Kyung. Almost echoing Tak Dong Kyung’s lines from episode 13, where she talked about love as the “reduction of the universe to a compass of a single being and the extension of a single being until it reaches God”, Myul Mang sings, “In the distant future, you and I, will live the seasons face to face.” And goes on to add, “In the end, like us facing each other/ Even if I come back to a big circle/ I will meet you forever
You and I in the distant future/ The seasons to live face to face/ So many emotions, I just want to be with you/ only with you.” Check the lyrics here.

How to live stream

Find both the lyrics videos and the OST audio of Seo in Guk’s ‘Distant Fate’ below.



‘The most powerful OST lineup of history’

The OST lineup of DAYS has been something that viewers have fawned over from the beginning. With Seo In Guk closing the lineup, fans have called it historic and ‘Distant Fate’ a masterpiece. A fan gushed, “They finally sealed MK’s story with SIG’s beautiful yet heart-aching song. It’s just so pleasing to see that even the arrangement of the song titles is also telling us a story. The most powerful ost line-up in the kdrama history. Masterpiece.”

Another fan chimed in saying, “Distant Fate is like a soft farewell to DAYS. Wow, this feels like preparing to say goodbye to a dear friend. *sighs*”

Seo In Guk’s ‘Distant Fate’: Lyrics and how to live stream ‘Doom At Your Service’ OST
Seo In Guk has sung, co-written and composed the last OST of ‘Doom At Your Service’ (StoryJ Company Instagram)



‘Doom At Your Service’ airs every Monday and Tuesdat at tvN at 9 pm KST. Find all the previous episodes of the show on Rakuten Viki here.

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