SEObase is a straightforward way to track website keyword rankings on a budget

Search engine optimization can be a challenging thing to tackle, and if you’ve spent more than a few minutes reading up on best practices, you know there are countless different ways to go about it. SEObase is a web SEO service that lets you easily track all the most important keywords so you can manage and track all your web properties and keep them growing.

You’ve probably already heard of many other professional SEO tools on the web, so what makes seobase unique? For one, it’s much more affordable than the alternatives if you’re only interested in tracking a handful of keywords for a few different websites. Some other SEO sites can charge $100 per month or more for basic access, but seobase lets you get started for free.

The plan you’ll probably want to start with is the “Basic” plan, which lets you track 5 websites and 50 keywords, as well as add 2 team members. If you want, the free plan lets one user track a single website and just three keywords. This plan is a bit limiting, but it gives you a taste of what you can expect.

Getting started

Once you make your account and add your website, you can immediately add your first few keywords and start to get an idea of how your site performs. As you can see below, our property 9to5Mac ranks decently for a few Apple keywords — we’re seeing an average rank of 9 for the term “iphone” for example, and seobase’s data estimates that that search is driving around 51,000 pageviews per month.

Seobase also shows you a list of ranking URLs for each keyword, as well as a rough idea of the search volume history. In this case, we can see that searches for “iphone” have fallen off a bit in recent months as we exit the iPhone hype season. We can also see a story we did covering the iPhone and seobase has pegged it as being our best-ranking iPhone content yet.

Once you’ve upgraded to a Basic or Premium plan and get going with several web properties and dozens of keywords, the data here can really start to be actionable. You’ll quickly get an idea for how your site is performing overall in the “Your Trackings” dashboard. The keywords that aren’t performing well can become a point of focus for developing more content, and those you’re already doing well with can give you even more ideas to capitalize on your existing success!

More features

As SEO products on the web go, Seobase is a pretty straightforward. Add your sites, add your keywords, and start tracking the big picture — all at very affordable price. But seobase does have more features and functionality to offer even more value. You can add color-coded tags to your keywords to stay organized, and schedule reports that will help keep you and your team updated on the most important changes.

Why seobase?

If you’re just getting started with SEO and just want to track keywords performance on your web properties, SEObase is the tool for you. There’s no built-in keywords explorer, site audit system, web content explorer, or other complicated and intimidating SEO tools to get in the way — it’s just your sites and your most important keywords.

At $7 a month (or $6 billed yearly), the Basic plan is pretty hard to beat for a tool like this. As far as I can see, seobase’s data is as good as some of their competitors, and comes at a fraction of the price. You can head over to seobase’s website to check out their full list of features, all their various pricing tiers, and give the service a try with your own free trial.

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