Sony is Testing a PlayStation Plus Video Pass in Poland

Sony confirmed the existence of PlayStation Plus Video Pass, a service that is currently in its testing phase only in Poland. This comes after the service previously leaked on the official PlayStation website.

PlayStation Plus Video Pass  is an added bonus for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It grants access to over 20 Sony Pictures film and television shows on PS4 and PS5, including films like Venom and Zombieland: Double Tap.


This news comes by way of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s VP Nick Maguire, who spoke with Spider’s Web (as translated by VGC) about the service.

“We want to see how players will benefit from such a service,” Maguire tells Spider’s Web. “What titles do they watch, what do they care about, how often do they use them.”

Sony is currently testing the service in Poland to gather data before launching in other regions. Maguire says that the decision to launch in that market specifically due to the country’s large player base and high level of activity on the PS Plus network. Maguire didn’t share the exact statistics to back that up, but he notes that the country meets all of Sony’s “criteria.”

It’s currently unclear if the service will launch outside of Poland. “We are currently focusing only on the Polish market, on Polish players and what will be their reaction to the additional benefit under the PS Plus program,” says Maguire.

This news comes shortly after Sony announced that movie and TV purchases and rentals will no longer be available through the PlayStation Store starting on August 31, 2021.

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