StarCraft 2 Advanced Strategy Guide – Perfect Terran Build Order in SC2

Are you looking for the perfect Terran build order in StarCraft 2? A perfect order will help you consistently win matches and be the foundation for any strategy, however is there such thing as a perfect build for the Terran in SC2?

A good Terran player knows that his foundation base should be ready for every attack and strategy. I have spied on a lot of Diamond Rank players and this is a basic build order they use most of the time.

When you begin the game, start by building 9 SCV’s right away. Then, when your supply reaches 9, build your first Supply Depot. While your depot is being constructed, produce more SCV so that you have 11 by the time your depot becomes ready. Build a Barrack and strategically place it so that it blocks your ramp.

When your Barrack is ready, further seal off your ramp by using the SCV to seal off the ramp by building another Supply Depot. Once you get your 14th SCV, build a Refinery as soon as possible. Reframe from building any more SCV after your fourteenth, so that you can save your minerals to upgrade to an Orbital Command the moment your Barrack is ready.

By upgrading, you will be able to get your Mule quickly, which is crucial for a solid foundation. Once the Refinery is built, build 2 more SCV and get them to mine for gas. In the meantime, train Marines to defend against any attack from your enemies.

At this point, you should have at least 50 Vespene Gas meaning that you can add a Tech Lab to your Barrack. When your Tech Lab is ready, commence constructing your army of Marines and Marauders. You might also want to add a Fusion Reactor to your second Barrack to two Marines at a time.

Finally, once the Orbital Command is ready, call down the Mule and build more SCV’s. This should be your basic setup for your base that can be both offensive and defensive.

I have been playing StarCraft 2 for a while and have never actually seen one perfect Protoss build order. Your order should vary according to your players and what tactics you are up against.

So is there a way win consistently with the proper order?

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