Tips to Resolve “Illegal Option” Error Message in SCO UnixWare

Tips to Resolve “Illegal Option” Error Message in SCO UnixWare

A file system corruption error message halts the mounting process of the file system and does not allow your system to boot. Few main causes of file system corruption are improper system shutdown, metadata structure corruption, and software bugs. The hard drive data stored in the corrupted file based volume becomes inaccessible after the error message appears. To overcome all the hazards created by a file corruption error message, a perfect way is to restore the data from an updated backup. However, if you have not created any backup or backup itself gets corrupted, then you will need to use advanced UnixWare Data Recovery software that can provide complete recovery of inaccessible hard drive data.

To illustrate this, consider a scenario where you encounter the below file corruption error when you start your computer system:

UX: vxfs fsck: ERROR illegal option – – a
UX: vxfs fsck: TO Fix: usage: fsck (etc)…
Failed to mound /d file system

The above error states that the file system fails to mount and advices you to use fsck command. You encounter the same message each time you attempt to start your computer system.


The root cause for the above error is /d file corruption.


To resolve your error and access your hard drive data, you will need to fix your corrupted /d file system by using fsck command (as suggested in error message). The fsck command checks and repairs the corrupted or inconsistent file systems in most situations. However, if the above error still remains even after using the fsck command, then you will need to reinstall of SCO UnixWare operating system. A clean reinstall of SCO UnixWare operating system erases all the data saved in the hard drive partition or volume. For complete recovery of data after reinstalling process is over, you will need to opt for powerful SCO UnixWare Recovery software. Such Unix Data Recovery Software are built with highly graphical user interface and use powerful scanning algorithms to provide complete recovery of lost data.

Stellar Phoenix (SCO UnixWare) Data Recovery is an efficient SCO UnixWare Recovery application that supports VxFS [Veritas File System – VxFS1, VxFS2 & VxFS4] and UFS File . Designed for Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and 95, the non destructive tool supports storage devices such as IDE, EIDE, and SCSI hard drives.

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