Uncover Powerful Insights with Conductor’s Innovative SEO Chrome Extension & Next Generation Platform

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During this past year, consumers have moved more of their activities online. Brands had to quickly ramp up their online presence to meet their customers’ evolving behaviors and needs.

In this changing landscape, businesses across industries are investing more in SEO than ever before.

There has been unprecedented interest in digital growth to meet these new customer needs. In some cases, we’ve seen brands successfully scale up 10 years worth of growth in just the last 10 months.

And they aren’t alone.

U.S. ecommerce growth jumped by more than 30% in 2020, reaching a threshold that was not anticipated for at least another two years.

As businesses and revenue streams move online and jobs go remote, the platforms and tools that organizations use have also become more critical.

How can marketers keep up with their customers as the changes in consumer trends accelerate?

That’s where Conductor comes in.

We’re reimagining how we can help organic marketing teams adapt, navigate, and thrive in this evolving landscape.

Full-Team Collaboration with Conductor for Chrome

Conductor for Chrome is one significant milestone in our mission toward re-envisioning what better organic marketing productivity and collaboration can be.

We wanted to create a browser extension that empowers everyone on your organic marketing team – SEO, content, web, or others – with powerful SEO insights so they can get more done without ever having to leave the page.

Our one-of-a-kind SEO Chrome extension is now available to the general public directly through the Google Chrome Store.

Full-Team Collaboration with Conductor for Chrome

We designed Conductor for Chrome to maximize your organic marketing team’s day-to-day productivity.

The extension is built to integrate your daily browsing experience, the Conductor platform, and the rest of your marketing toolkit.

We wanted to create a consistent, complete marketing workflow that embeds powerful SEO, content, and technical tools within the Chrome interface for ease of use.

Let’s take a closer look.

Conductor or Chrome empowers teams with a range of new features and key updates tailored to your team’s specific and unique business needs:

Uncover Actionable, Relevant Real-Time Insights

Anyone can use Keyword Research to see how your and your competitor pages are ranking for selected keywords and uncover new topic opportunities.

Get in-line insights by highlighting specific keywords straight on a page and select from over 100 country and language combinations for maximum relevance to your specific audience and market.

Discover Optimization Opportunities for Live Content

See immediate insight into your website’s key attributes, monitor performance metrics, and receive actionable recommendations to improve visibility and performance.

Swiftly identify critical issues to resolve through:

  • Health Check: For elements including HTML, metadata, user experience metrics, etc.
  • Technical SEO: For elements like page speed, redirects, and more.

Take Action & Collaborate More Efficiently Across Teams

Get the best of Conductor’s platform collaboration tools in your browser. Act quickly and implement on-page changes to your content with Live Editor, right on the page.

Engage with your team on the go by creating new tasks and content briefs using Actions as you explore different webpages.

And thanks to our easy-share link, you can speedily bring new team members into the Conductor Chrome fold and see a full view of their briefs, tasks, and activities, all in one place.

Get Started with Conductor for Chrome

Empower collaboration across your entire team with the best of Conductor, right in your favorite browser. Now free for all marketers, with access to additional premium features for Conductor customers.

Install the Conductor for Chrome Extension today!

Introducing the Next Generation of Conductor

In addition to the progress we’ve made around the extension, we’re investing in a complete transformation of our platform centered around the future of organic marketing.

We’re incorporating AI-driven intelligence and building more robust connections to bring your team together for the ultimate enterprise experience.

Uncover Powerful Insights with Conductor’s Innovative SEO Chrome Extension & Next Generation Platform

First, we’re completely reimagining our flagship SEO platform, Conductor, from the look-and-feel to the navigation and the user experience itself.

We use role-based personalization to tailor th
e experience to your unique needs as a marketer and experience-level with SEO, meaning anyone – whether you’re an SEO professional, a content marketer, or an executive – can easily use the product to get insights and reporting that matter most to them.

Simplified navigation and key features such as shortcuts give you the ability to move through your organic marketing workflows with greater ease and efficiency and make the time you spend on the platform more valuable.

Accomplish more with a modern, more intuitive platform experience designed for the Organic Marketing team of the future.

Another big move is infusing our platform with smart features that do the heavy lifting for you to uncover the most impactful insights and prescribe actionable recommendations.

We’re building first-of-its-kind features like Content Guidance to provide you with data-driven recipes for creating content that resonates and guiding you with the next steps to optimize your content, pulling all relevant information together (so you don’t have to.)

There’s also our Universal Search, which not only provides you with the immediate answers you need but also relevant data from across the platform and recommendations on what to do next.

And with continued enhancements to Conductor Live, there will be more ways to make impactful on-page optimization in real-time, without leaving the platform. Get instant answers and strategic recommendations that propel you to action and execution in just a few clicks.

Finally, we’re building a comprehensive network of connections around your team, data, and tools to make Conductor the perfect hub for collaboration in digital marketing.

We’re designing the future-state of how you manage your team’s workflows with Actions to streamline and spark collaboration, such as sending tasks, content briefs, and more to the project management platforms you’re already using (like Asana, Trello, or Jira).

We’re also making it easier than ever for you to demonstrate the value of your marketing efforts through flexible reporting capabilities and ready-to-customize templates in Workspaces.

Drive coordination and influence across the organization all in one place.

Be Part of the Next Generation of Organic Marketing Tech

With Conductor, empower your team to succeed in the next evolution of search.

Accomplish more with the next generation of solutions to help you collaborate, work smarter, and maximize your impact.

Want to be at the forefront of the Organic Marketing evolution?

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