What To Do If Your Wife Is Texting Another Man

What To Do If Your Wife Is Texting Another Man

Do you suspect your wife texting another man? Does he immediately delete messages from her phone? If so you may have a serious problem on your hands. If your wife is secretly texting other men and then deletes her text messages so that you cannot read them. She may be doing this because she is unfaithful and having an affair. She’s trying to cover up her tracks be deleting all the evidence from her cell phone. This has become a very common situation with all the flirting and sexting that goes on with these mobile devices. many time a husband will find out that his wife is not only sexting with other men but also sending out nude or sexy inappropriate pics from her cell phone.

If you find yourself with this problem you may need to seek the help of a professional cell phone forensic consultation to recover all the deleted texts and pics from the family phones. This type of high tech cell phone investigation is available to the public from trained private investigators that perform cell phone and computer forensics. You will have to surrender the phone for a physical examination but a full forensic data recovery can be performed and all of the texts and pics in question can be undeleted and reduced to a full color report. This report can include many details about the activity of the phones user.

A forensic data recovery cell phone report can include:

  • Deleted texts
  • Deleted Pics
  • Address Book
  • Entries Calendar
  • Incoming and Outgoing Calls

This information once compiled in a single report can present a clear picture of exactly what has been going on behind your back or right under your nose. The suspicious husband can confront the wife about his concerns and both parties can agree to surrender the device for a forensic examination and data recovery process. The phone can be shipped to a forensic lab and a report returned in just a few days. The phone will be intact and in the exact same condition it was in before it was examined.

This type of investigation can dispel false suspicions or it can confirm your worst fears. But in the end it’s better to know what’s going on between your wife and other men than to be in the dark and having the whole town know you’re being made a fool. If your wife is texting other men there should be no secret about what the content of the texts are. If the family phone is being used to send or receive texts from other men this should not be a secret.

If evidence of infidelity is recovered from the phone this evidence can be used in a custody evaluation if things escalate to divorce court. Inappropriate texts and pics from a cell phone could be damning evidence in a custody evaluation. Likewise evidence of drug use, sex addiction or gambling can also be decisive factors in a court granting visitation and custody of the children in a divorce. In any even it’s better to be educated than left in the dark and as long as you are gathering the evidence it’s best to obtain a report that could be used in court should the need arise.

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