When and where to watch, and what to expect from the Seo In Guk drama

When and where to watch, and what to expect from the Seo In Guk drama

The previous episode of “Doom At Your Service” saw the female lead, Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young), determined to fall in love with Myeol Mang (Seo In Guk), so she could save her brother when the time came to break her deal with Myeol Mang. Thus begins what promises to be an ill-fated romance.

Park and Seo have no trouble convincing viewers of their characters’ troubled relationship with their explosive chemistry. It begins when Myeol Mang hears Dong Kyung wishing for doom. He convinces her to make a deal with him to ask for it before she dies in the next 100 days.

The tvN drama is now headed into its third week, and the show promises to be filled with romance, including that of the love triangle between the second leads. This article dives into the details of the upcoming episode of Doom At Your Service.

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When and where to watch Doom At Your Service Episode 5?

Doom At Your Service airs on tvN in South Korea every Monday and Tuesday at 9 p.m. Korean Standard Time. Episode 5 will air on May 24th and will be available to stream internationally on Rakuten Viki shortly afterward.

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What happened previously?

In last week’s episode of Doom At Your Service, Dong Kyung learned that while Myeol Mang might come across as a benevolent divine being, but is far from it. Myeol Mang tells her that if she does not wish for doom before she dies, the person she loves the most, which is currently her brother, Tak Sun Kyung (SF9’s Dawon), will die.

To go around this, Dong Kyung falls in love with Myeol Mang to end up not losing anything when the time comes. Myeol Mang is intrigued and skeptical of this because he does not believe anyone can love him.

Meanwhile, Dong Kyung begins her research into how to fall in love, including consulting with her friend, the web novelist Na Ji Na (Shin Do Hyun), aka Lee Hyeon. When Ji Na says that once the object of her affections appears in her dreams, it is game over.

Later that night, when Dong Kyung goes to sleep, she tells Myeol Mang about what she learned and that he and Dong Kyung appear in different settings in her dream.

Dong Kyung, however, sees a new side to Myeol Mang when she sees that it is his fate to bring about destruction and fate. However, in the dream, as Dong Kyung walks closer to Myeol Mang, the world grows alive again.

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Meanwhile, Doom At Your Service viewers learned more about Ji Na and Lee Hyeon Kyu (Kang Tae Oh), her high school boyfriend. He dumped her when he went abroad. Viewers also learned that Ji Na’s first kiss was with Dong Kyung’s boss, Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk), who also happens to be Hyeon Kyu’s roommate and former tutor.

By the end of the fourth episode of Doom At Your Service, Dong Kyung’s brother, Sun Kyung, learns that his sister is dying. Dong Kyung, who rushed to the hospital thinking that her brother was hurt, runs into Myeol Mang, who is back to deal with the serial killer from the first episode.

The man swings a knife at him, but Dong Kyung moves to block him, just as Myeol Mang holds the knife’s sharp end in his hand. He then forces the man to slit his own throat.

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What to expect in Doom At Your Service Episode 5?

The preview for the fifth episode of Doom At Your Service shows that Dong Kyung and Myeol Mang will continue to spend more time together, and this time, Myeol Mang could be more accepting of Dong Kyung’s plan. Myeol Mang will also continue to impersonate the head of her company and spend time at the office.

Myeol Mang also seems to believe that Dong Kyung wishes that she could fall in love with him. The preview for the next episode of Doom At Your Service also teases a potential kiss between Dong Kyung and Myeol Mang.

Meanwhile, Ji Na, Hyeon Kyu, and Joo Ik will also be developing the love triangle, as Joo Ik is presumably seen telling Ji Na not to meet Hyeon Kyu.

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