Moz Launches New Technical SEO Certification

Moz Launches New Technical SEO Certification

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Moz, Inc., the leader in search engine optimization technology, today announced a new Technical SEO Certification Series from Moz Academy, an in-depth approach to learning technical SEO rooted in a five-part curriculum with three hours of content. Best suited for those with familiarity of the SEO fundamentals, this certification is ideal for marketers seeking to grow their technical expertise. Once completed, SEOs and digital marketers will receive a formal certificate and a badge, shareable for personal profiles on LinkedIn to demonstrate proficiency.

“Education and training is core to Moz’s mission to simplify SEO for everyone. Our latest certification in technical SEO provides marketers and web developers with the opportunity to learn skills in hours that previously took months or even years to learn on the job,” said Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz. “Especially during these times, businesses rely on their websites to draw customers in, making technical SEO a critical need.”

Through on-demand video lessons, hands-on activities, and a final exam, Moz’s Technical SEO Certification Series covers advanced topics such as the fundamentals of technical SEO, crawlability, indexation, site accessibility, and site performance. More specifically, these lessons cover:

  • How to perceive and optimize crawl budget
  • How to understand and properly format robots.txt files
  • How to build a strong site architecture, including internal linking strategies
  • How to write and submit sitemaps
  • How to analyze log files for crawl errors and crawl budget waste
  • The ins and outs of canonicalization
  • How to add and test structured data
  • How to conduct an accessibility audit of your website
  • Mobile performance and site security
  • In-depth application of technical SEO principles and practices across Moz and other tools, and more

“One of the most common questions I get in the Women in Tech SEO community is ‘How can I level up my Technical SEO skills?’” said Areej AbuAli, founder of the online community Women in Tech SEO. “My go-to answer has always been ‘learn by doing,’ but as the demand for technical SEO grows, it is important that comprehensive training is available through platforms like Moz Academy to those who want to build a deeper understanding of advanced technical topics.”

In addition to the certification, Moz will be publishing a new series on the Moz website, with both blog posts and Whiteboard Friday videos, furthering the conversation around technical SEO topics. To learn more, visit, and to see the full list of Moz Academy courses available, visit

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Moz Launches New Technical SEO Certification