San Antonians are creeped out by this Chucky doll car

San Antonio traffic is the worst – especially if you’re stuck behind Chucky doll.

One local driver is doing their best to make sure that nobody directs their road rage to them. A Reddit post from u/Spam_Likely shows a black Mitsubishi Eclipse with a Chucky doll holding onto the spoiler. And no, not in a “holding on for dear life” sort of way, but more like “back off” since the doll is facing anyone behind the car.

The Reddit user said they spotted the disturbing addition on the South Side, at the Gabriel’s Liquor on Pleasanton Road to be exact. Let’s hope that the driver and Chucky aren’t preparing for a twisted rager.

Other local Reddit users were quick to share their own encounters with Chucky.

“The person who owns that car lives on my street. It always freaks me out when it’s night and I’m getting home,” confessed u/Semedar.

“That does look like a south side child,” joked a shady u/Reasonable-Crazy-798.

“That’ll keep people off your a–,” advised u/daecosomoxi.

“Pinche Chuckyyyyyy!!!!” exclaimed u/roscoedangle.

“Saw this car parked today on [G]eneral McMullen!” admitted u/dreammastah. “From a distance I thought someone had their toddler on the trunk.”

Have you spotted this Chucky doll and lived to tell the tale? Let us know!